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The Performer's Playground 

What is now known as The Performer’s Playground, began with the New England Drama Festival one-act and has grown into a long standing non-profit youth theatre group that has produced an eclectic selection of productions and workshop offerings.  TPP's season includes productions at local opera houses, Newport Middle High School, and our intimate black box theatre. The Performer's Playground is proud to state that over 1,000 young people have taken part in our programs and productions over the past 17 years and we are still growing!

The Performer's Playground mission is to inspire, and our philosophy is to provide our members and the community with a wide variety of productions from various genres. In a six to ten year career in The Performer's Playground, students have the opportunity to see, and or participate in extraordinary works drawn from the greater body of recognized international dramatic literature as well as originals.

A key feature of all of our productions has always been to empower young people to take on all roles in productions, from running the lights  and designing costumes to performing on stage. We also work closely with area schools in choosing works that tie into the local curriculum as well as offering partnerships that enable students to earn Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) credit.